High Cholesterol

Case Study: High Cholesterol

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Problems History:

The patient was diagnosed of having extremely high cholesterol level of the following values.

Total Cholesterol: 7.0 mmol/L (Normal range <5.6)

HDL Cholesterol: 1.6 mmol/L (Normal range >1.0)

LDL Cholesterol: 4.8 mmol/L (Normal range <2.5)

Non-HDL Cholesterol: 5.4 mmol/L (Normal range <3.9)


The patient was at risk of developing a stroke and the doctor advised her of following a healthy low calories and low fat diet with exercise.



The patient followed the following program.

  1. One month of vegan diet with some exercise and almost no fat
  2. Meat is added in the second month with moderation
  3. Fatty food and more calories are added moderately in the remaining time
  4. Shilajit was consumed almost daily. Some days the patient forgot to take Shilajit.



The cholesterol values dropped within 4 months to the following values.


 First Test 12/03/2018Second Test 05/07/2018Normal RangeReduction Percentage
Total Cholesterol 7.0 mmol/L5.6 mmol/L<5.6 mmol/L-20%
HDL Cholesterol1.6 mmol/L1.4 mmol/L>1.0 mmol/L-13%
LDL Cholesterol4.8 mmol/L3.7 mmol/L<2.5 mmol/L-23%
Non-HDL Cholesterol5.4 mmol/L4.2 mmol/L<3.9 mmol/L-22%



As Shilajit is very effective in dissolving fats, it is very likely that it helped significantly in reducing cholesterol levels of this patient. This can be supported by the fact that the patient followed a strict diet only for one month and exercised only few times in the first month as well. Therefore, most likely, Shilajit contributed in reducing her Cholesterol level.

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