How Shilajit Helps in Body Cells Functionality?

The human body is made up of billions of cells. These cells require different minerals and substances. These minerals and substances come from different fruits, vegetables, and other edibles.  Each food item has specific range of minerals and substances. However, Shilajit is one of the rarest natural supplements that contains majority of the minerals and substances required by the human body. Following is a list of the most occurring minerals and edible substances in a pure Shilajit sample.

The Fulvic, Humic acid, Benzoic acid, Phenolic acids, Oxalic acid, Tannic acid, vitamin B2 and B12, vitamin C, vitamin E,   Iron, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Silicon,  Nickel, Potassium, Sulfur,  Silver, Sodium, Barium, Carotenoids retinol,  Chromium, Strontium, Dibenzo-alpha pyrones, Rubidium, Cesium, Antimony, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Glycosides, Terpenoids, Melanoidin, Polyphenol complexes, Phospholipids Triterpenes and, Albuminoids, Bioflavonoids, and Iodine. As we can see a large number of elements are present in Shilajit and many of these are very familiar to us, the use of Shilajit can overcome the deficiencies of these minerals in the human body.

Human Body and Shilajit

Metabolism is the process of converting the food into energy required by the human body. This process involves the breakdown of the food into a form that is consumable by the body. Since the human body contains billions of cells, these cells require food to live.  Each cell is surrounded by a wall called cell membrane. The cell membrane has pores to pass the food into the cells. With the passage of time, these pores get blocked. This makes the passage of food into the cells almost impossible. Due to lack of food, these cells die. This is one of reason of getting older and weaker with time.  Beside many properties, the Fulvic acid present in Shilajit has the tendency of dilating the cells walls. The dilation process opens the blocked pores of the cell membrane, thus allowing the food substances to pass. This increases health and the overall lifetime of the body cells.

With the proper usage of pure and natural Shilajit, we can improve the metabolism system of the body. The fulvic acid present in Shilajit has the tendency to breakdown the fatty acids present in the food. Apart from breaking down the fatty substances, the Fulvic acid also acts as a cleanser in the body. The antioxidant property of Shilajit has the ability to remove the free radicals that are harmful for the human body cells.

It is important to use only natural and pure Shilajit for achieving these benefits. The raw Shilajit or impure and low quality Shilajit contains harmful substances that can react negatively when used for the dilation or the detoxification purpose. Perform the necessary Shilajit authenticity tests and also look for Shilajit lab test report before ordering Shilajit from a seller.

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