Golden Shilajit Standard Size (30 grams)

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  • Fresh authentic gold grade shilajit resin with money back guarantee
  • Organic & free from additives
  • Water soluble
  • Extracted from the Himalayas region
  • Lab tested for purity and Fulvic Acid content
  • Typical delivery times are; 2 days in UAE, 5 days to GCC and 1-2 weeks worldwide.
  • A slight leakage is possible due to the nature of shilajit resin

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Shilajit is a thick tar like substance that exists in raw form at very high altitude mountains in specific regions.  It is processed to remove the impurities before using it. Shilajit needs to be dried before packaging. Some sellers cook the Shilajit to accelerate the drying process. This method reduces the Shilajit effectiveness. The standard drying process requires sun light to dry the Shilajit. The research shows there are around 85 minerals (elements) in highest grade Shilajit sample. The humans consume Shilajit for different health purposes including (i) Energy boosting, (ii) Weight loss, (iii) improving sexual health problems, (iv) slowing down ageing process, (v) joint pains, (vi) for bones and muscles’ health, (vii) beauty recipes, and many more like these.

Golden Shilajit Origin

Golden Shilajit is the authentic Shilajit product that is extracted from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. Shilajit from this region is considered the most effective and natural Shilajit because of the highest altitude of Shilajit resources. Most of the mountains in this region are known as the killer mountains because of their height and the freezing temperature. Extracting natural Shilajit from these resources is not only toiling but also a very dangerous job. However, we are committed and very professional. We know this terrain very well and we are committed to supply the purest Himalayan region Shilajit to our customers all over the world.

Packing and Shipping

Orders once shipped can take 1 to 3 weeks to reach the destination country when using standard free shipping.

The extra quantity is added to avoid any loss of Shilajit while opening the jar for the first time after receiving the product. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of order placement, except the weekends. Orders received on weekends are shipped on next working day on priority basis.

Delivery Time and Tracking

Orders once shipped can take 1 to 3 weeks depending on the destination country. We provide the tracking number of the shipment so that our valued customers can track their order. We stay in touch with our customers through emails right from the start till the order receiving at the destination country. We inform our customers about the status of the shipment when it is shipped from our end.

Customer Support

We value customer’s opinions and inquiries. We always listen and respond to our customers whenever we hear from them. Customers can contact us via given contact options.

Golden Shilajit is a good quality Shilajit product because it is extracted from the highest Shilajit reserves of Himalayas. The high altitude and the snow cover keep the Shilajit quality intact and in its natural form.  The Golden Shilajit, once extracted from the Himalayas, undergoes a series of standard purification processes to separate the Shilajit from the raw material. After the purification process is completed, the Shilajit is packed into jars according to the received orders.

Golden Shilajit Lab Certificate

We have tested our Shilajit through various testing approaches and we are satisfied with the results.


Golden Shilajit is no doubt the Gold grade Shilajit with all the natural ingredients. There are no preserving items or additives in Golden Shilajit.

1 review for Golden Shilajit Standard Size (30 grams)

  1. chormanska24

    I heard about shilajit first time by a friend. I thought it is something prepared in laboratory and it is a medicine. But then after exploring it , I have realized it is a natural thick tar like eatable thing that exists only on top of mountains. I gave this product a try and I feel positive changes in my health, appetite, and sleep.

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Golden Shilajit Shipping Policy

  • Shipping is processed within 24 hours of placing the order except in weekends.

  • The customer takes responsibility of providing a correct shipping address. If the shipping address is not correct, the product will be returned to us and no refund for shipping charges will be provided.

  • The estimated delivery time is 1 to 3 weeks. However, slight variations do occur sometimes because of postal service delay not from our side.