Urine Tract Infection

Problem: Urine Tract Infection

Gender: Female

Age: 41

Problem background and history:

The urine tract infection (E. Coli) started after the patient was not able to use the toilet for long time in addition to exposure to polluted water at work place. The infection caused many symptoms including heat and pain beneath the abdomen and the back with heat and pelvic pain. Other indirect symptoms are tiredness, weight loss, hair loss and weak immunity.
The problem started 6 months prior to using any natural supplements. The patient used many types of antibiotics including a 10-day course of antibiotic injection. During this 6 months period, recovery was achieved with the help of antibiotics but infection used to come back again.



The patient followed alternative medicine program after stopping antibiotics, for 45 days, which included the following:

  • Only using bottled water for drinking and washing
  • Consumption of Shilajit on daily bases
  • Other herbal supplements and vitamins
  • Energy Riki healing sessions


  • Final recovery from urinary tract infection
  • Slight increase in weight
  • Facial skin improvement and nails strength
  • Hair loss started to reduce


As Shilajit was used with other natural herbs and energy healing sessions, we are not able to fully attribute the recovery to Shilajit.
However, there is a very high likelihood that Shilajit was a main factor in the recovery. This high confidence that Shilajit could have contributed to the recovery is due to the proven anti-bacterial activity of shilajit.
One study confirmed that benzoic acid in Shilajit causes anti bacterial effect as it might be interfering with respiratory system of bacteria (Reference; Y.C. Kong, P.P.H But, K. H. Ng, K.F. Cheng, R.C. Cambie, and S.B. Malla, Chemical studies on a Nepalese Panacea- Shilajit (I) Int.J.Crude Drug Res, 1987, 25:179.)

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