Fulvic Acid in Shilajit and its properties

Fulvic acid is one of the ingredients which is available in rich quantity in Shilajit. In pure Shilajit, there is around 65% Fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is the result of decomposition of organic substances which form the Shilajit. Following are some of the key benefits of Fulvic acid which increase the importance of Shilajit.

1) Anti-Oxidant Property

Fulvic acid has free radicles. These radicles are capable of neutralizing the oxidants present in the human body. Thus, Shilajit behaves as anti-oxidant because of presence of Fulvic acid.

2) Solvent property

Fulvic acid has the solvent properties. It can solve the minerals and metals when dissolved in water. This property of Fulvic acid is very vital in eliminating the metals from the body that are not easy to flush. The Fulvic acid converts those metals into bio-available form.

3) Transportation Property

Fulvic acid has a unique transportation property. It helps in the mobility of the vitamins, coenzymes, auxins, minerals, and natural antibiotics. The iron is not easily movable in the body or plants. The Fulvic acid makes the movement of iron flexible.

4) Penetration Property

Because of the low molecular weight and the low molecular size, the Fulvic acid has the property of penetrating inside the cell membrane. This unique property of Fulvic acid is useful in transportation of the food inside the cell walls which are blocked or not easily getting the food. It is because of this property of Fulvic acid which makes Shilajit beneficial for anti-ageing treatments.

5) Anti-Heavy Metal property

Fulvic acid has the tendency to remove the heavy metals like Silica. An ordinary, low quality Shilajit has high ratio of silica which is not good for the human body. The pure Shilajit has the tendency to dissolve the Silica when it interacts with Shilajit in the presence of water.

6) Cell Growth Property

Fulvic acid has the power of producing optimal environment for regrowth of cells. This property of Fulvic acid prolongs the overall life span of cells. Prolonging the cells life results into long life of the body organ which become dull with time due to lack of proper food and nutrients.

All these properties of Fulvic acid show the vitality of pure Shilajit. It must be noted that only pure and authentic Shilajit can have high ratio of Fulvic acid. Low grade Shilajit or cooked Shilajit may not contain the amount of Fulvic acid which is more responsible for functions associated with the Shilajit. Therefore, it is important to test and use only authentic Shilajit. Golden Shiajit is highly regarded among customers because of its purity, authenticity, and market competitive prices.

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