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Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Shilajit is the natural organic tar like edible substance that is mostly used as an anti-ageing supplement, to solve males  and females fertility problems, to get rid of joints pains, to make bones and muscles strong, and to give body energy a quick boost. Shilajit   is formed as a result of the decomposition of plants and herbs under specific environmental conditions. The process runs for decades to produce the Shilajit in the raw form.  Shilajit is available only in few parts of the world including Himalayan region. Shilajit from the Himalayan region is considered as the most potent because of the high altitude and the optimum weather conditions for Shilajit production. Shilajit from the Himalayan region   is considered as ‘the gold grade’ Shilajit (which is regarded as the highest grade in Shilajit). The gold grade Shilajit contains maximum number of organic elements and minerals, beneficial for the humans. However, it is not only the region that decides the quality of the Shilajit. It requires high attention during extraction from the mountains, filtering the impurities, and finally packaging in the jars. Golden Shilajit takes care of all these steps in a very professional and standard way. For those who want the third party verification of the quality of Shilajit, Golden Shilajit has got the international lab certificate for its customers. Golden Shilajit offers good quality Shilajit at a very decent market prices.

Shilajit Benefits

  • Shilajit helps in fertility issues
  • It regulates hormones and immune system
  • It is a good anti-aging supplement
  • Shilajit boosts the body energy
  • It makes the bones and muscles stronger
  • This natural supplement nourishes the skin
  • Shilajit speeds up the healing process
  • Shilajit helps in reducing anxiety and stress
  • It provides relief from joint pains
  • Shilajit improves the brain capabilities
  • Shilajit is a good anti-oxidant agent
  • Shilajit helps in detoxification process

Why Golden Shilajit

  • Golden Shilajit is pure
  • Golden Shilajit is authentic
  • It is free from impurities
  • It does not contain additives
  • This product is lab tested
  • It comes directly from source
  • We sell the fresh stock
  • Our product is Gold grade
  • Our prices are market competitive
  • We accepts custom orders
  • We always accept returns
  • Our customer support is open 24/7


  • Don’t use raw Shilajit
  • Don’t use impure Shilajit
  • Cooked Shilajit is less useful
  • Don’t use high dosage of Shilajit
  • Shilajit in pregnancy can be complex
  • We don’t suggest Shilajit steroids
  • We recommend gold grade Shilajit
  • Sun dried Shilajit
  • Lab tested Shilajit
  • Fresh stock Shilajit
  • Shilajit with milk in winters
  • Shilajit with water in summer


We Provide The Best Shilajit Available

  • Super mini size 20 grams

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  • Medium size 30 grams

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  • Standard size 50 grams

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  • Economy size 100 grams

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Antiaging, Antioxidant, Fulvic Acid

Natural health treatments are widely used in many countries. People look for natural ways of solving health problems like physical health, energy boosting, joint pains, skin problems, ageing problems, men health issues, women health issues, and many more like these. Many natural supplements are used to treat these problems. Among these, Shilajit is a highly regarded natural supplement.  Shilajit contains majority of the vitamins and minerals required by our body. A pure sample of Shilajit contains more than 80 minerals and edibles [source: https://patents.google.com/patent/US5405613]. Some of these minerals and edibles include Fulvic acid, Humic acid, amino acids, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, vegetable matter, sulphur, chloride, vitamins, and enzymes. All these elements have their own benefits. For example: Fulvic acid is the most powerful electrolyte that can carry the food deep inside the dying body cells and help them grow and live longer than ever. This property of the Fulvic acid makes Shilajit a strong contender of best anti-ageing supplement. We all know consequences of the deficiency of iron and calcium in the body. Pure Shilajit not only offers Iron and calcium but it also offers magnesium, manganese, vitamins, and other enzymes which play their role in the body. Overall, Shilajit is widely used as a dietary supplement to fulfill the minerals and vitamins deficiencies in the body.


It is important to know the authenticity of the Shilajit seller because a poor Shilajit product can harm the body severely. Poor Shilajit contains heavy metals and impurities that can affect the body badly. There are few simple techniques that can be applied to know if the Shilajit is from the authentic source or not. For instance, check the source country. Shilajit is found only in high altitude mountains of specific regions. The countries famous for Shilajit include Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, and India. The second simple step to find the authenticity of the Shilajit seller is the availability of the Shilajit lab test report issued by metal testing laboratory. Make sure the seller has a lab test report from a renowned metal analyzing laboratory.


The authenticity of product can be tested once the product is delivered to the customer. The simplest test to know the quality of Shilajit is by pressing a very small sample of Shilajit in the teeth. If you find any grit in the sample, then it is not a pure Shilajit sample. The second simple Shilajit quality test can be performed by burning a small sample. Pure Shilajit never catches fire. It directly turns into ash. The third Shilajit quality test at home can be performed by dissolving the Shilajit in water. See if the Shilajit is fully dissolved in water and it gives red wine or gold color upon dissolving. If your Shilajit passes all these tests, then your Shilajit is pure and authentic.


How Shilajit Helps in Body Cells Functionality?

The human body is made up of billions of cells. These cells require different minerals and substances. These minerals and substances come from different fruits, vegetables, and other edibles.  Each food item has specific range of minerals and substances. However, Shilajit is one of the rarest natural supplements that contains majority of the minerals and substances required by the human [...]


Our Shilajit Product is authentic and it is of the highest quality, making it one of the best in the market. Our 100% pure product is completely natural with no additives, supplements and solutions added. So, you get the complete maximum health benefits, nutrients and high energy levels that would greatly impact your body and life in general.

  • 100% Safe
    Having gone through accredited lab analysis and tests, our product is sealed with quality and is 100% natural and safe. We have the certification to back our superior product quality. Be rest assured that you will get the best shilajit product from us.
  • Easy to Use
    Our Shilajit product is very easy to use. All you need do is to break a small piece off, dissolve in a glass of warm milk or water, and drink it off. Alternatively, you can swallow a pea size of Shilajit without dissolving it in any liquid.
  • Pure
    Our product is specifically harvested from the Himalayas mountains in its natural and unadulterated form. It is of the highest quality without any compromise on purity. With us you can be rest assured that you will get the purest of product.