A Bodybuilder Doubled His Reps in 3 Weeks With Only One Supplement

As people awareness about the importance of nutrition increases, the interest in supplements increases as well. Supplementing with the right choices can definitely improve physical performance for bodybuilders, fitness people or even anyone seeking a more efficient body.

However, in bodybuilding, some people tend to make harmful choices for sake of quicker muscles gain.

Today you will learn that quicker muscles gain, energy boosting and performance enhancement can actually be achieved in a natural healthy approach by supplementing with Himalayan Shilajit.

ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) is known as the energy currency in our bodies. ATP is produced by mitochondria in cells by converting food into ATP. This means that having more ATP in muscles tissue is an indication of high energy level. A 2009 study (1) showed that supplementing with Shilajit is a natural way to maintain high ATP levels during excessive exercise.

Another study conducted in 2016 (2) showed that supplementing with shilajit promoted skeletal muscle adaptation through upregulation of 17 types of proteins. These 17 types include tenascin XB, decorin, myoferlin, collagen, elastin, fibrillin 1, and fibronectin 1. The importance of these proteins is that they control muscle mechanotransduction properties, elasticity, repair, and regeneration.

These two studies combined with the Ayurvedic literature confirm one important piece of information. Shilajit is great for bodybuilding, exercise, and any fitness program.

We did not rely only on these resources to confirm this. We went a step further by testing Golden Shilajit with a bodybuilder.

The results were shocking as he doubled his leg press reps with a 20 kg increase only in 3 weeks.

Watch the video of the whole test here to learn more.

(2) The Human Skeletal Muscle Transcriptome in Response to Oral Shilajit Supplementation

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